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NCUE - Office of Academic Affairs


Laws and Regulations
Course Related
 1. NCUE Guidelines for Minor Studies

(Revised December 2012)

 2. NCUE Guidelines for Double Major

(Revised December 2012)

Student course selection

 1. NCUE Course Selection Guidelines

(Revised November 2015)

 2. NCUE Inter-university Course Selection Guidelines

(Revised May 2014)

 3. NCUE Application for Course Suspension Regulations

(Revised December 2013)

Course Arrangement

 1. NCUE Important Points for Course Providing and Course Scheduling(New)

(Revised December 2014)

 2. NCUE Important Points for Inter-college/department Course Providing

(Revised December 2012)

 3. NCUE Summer Course Guidelines

(Revised January 2015)