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Department Admission Websites
College Department

College of Education

Department of Guidance and Counseling

Department of Special Education, Master's Program of Gifted and Talented Education, Master's Program of Mild Disabilities Education

Graduate Institute of Education

Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling

Graduate Institute of Marriage and Family Therapy

College of Science

Graduate Institute of Science Education

Department of Mathematics

Department of Physics

Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry

Graduate Institute of Photonics

Graduate Institute of Biotechnology

Graduate Institute of Statistics and Information Science

College of Technology

Department of Industrial Education and Technology, MA Program of E-Learning

Graduate Institute of Human Resource Management

Department of Finance

Graduate Institute of Vehicle Engineering

College of Arts

Department of English

Department of Chinese

Department of Geography, Master's Program of Environment and Tourism Recreation

Department of Art, Master's Program of Art Education

Graduate Institute of Children's English

Graduate Institute of Translation

Graduate Institute of Taiwanese Literature

Graduate Institute of History

College of Engineering

Department of Mechatronic Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electronic Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Master's Program of IC Design

Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering

College of Management

Department of Information Management, Master's Program of Technology and Management of Digital Contents

Department of Accounting

Department of Business Administration, Master's Program of Marketing and Logistics Management

College of Social Science and Physical Education

Department of Sport

Graduate Institute of Applied Sports Science

Graduate Institute of Sports and Health Management

Department of Public Affairs and Civil Education